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LBSU coaches share the same track

Although men are predominant in commanding from the sideline, women are advancing in the coaching world as well. According to a national 2012 study by Vivian Acosta and Linda Carpenter, two former physical education professors at Brooklyn College, men coach 57 percent of female teams, and women coach 43 percent.[Read More…]

A glimpse inside of CSULB students’ pre-game

The scrum of athletes sways shoulder-to-shoulder with arms interlocked. The black and yellow ring counters the softball-clad ringmaster’s calls with a roar, amplifying the raucous game of call-and-response to its climax. Before every game, the Long Beach State softball team rallies together for a traditional, pre-performance ritual, passed on from[Read More…]

Just for kicks

Soccer is one of the world’s most widely played sport. It is often the first sport that kids are introduced to. At the age of five, many future soccer players sign up for a team with the American Youth Soccer Organization where his or her parent can volunteer to be[Read More…]

LBSU men’s baseball season opens against Michigan

The Long Beach State baseball team’s road to another postseason appearance will begin Friday night as it hosts Michigan at Blair Field. The Dirtbags will be without head coach Troy Buckley for the opening weekend against the Wolverines. Buckley was suspended for a violation of NCAA rules in Fall 2014.[Read More…]

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