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LBSU’s construction management department places third in competition

Long Beach State’s construction management department placed third in the Concrete Solutions category at  the 2019 Associate Schools of Construction Student Competition in Sparks, Nevada Feb. 6-9. LBSU’s concrete team was one of 12 teams that participated in the category. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, University of Washington and Virginia Tech were some of the other contenders. “This was an opportunity to put our school on the map and to show other schools that CSULB is here to win,” team member Denis Anguillet said. The concrete solutions track consisted of providing a budget, safety plan, logistics and a 3D model to create an efficient way to resolve a construction problem. The team of seven, most of which have little or no industry experience, practiced similar problems in preparation for the event. Faculty coach Tariq Shehab called the award “a great achievement.” The civil engineering and construction management professor said he believed the success would not have been possible without “great preparation efforts and dedicated team members.” Although LBSU’s construction management team has won awards in the past, this is the highest they have placed in the Concrete Solutions category. “We all believed we had a good run but

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Popular LBSU upper campus bus stop set to close Feb. 21

The northbound Long Beach Transit bus stop located near Liberal Arts-1 will shut down Feb. 21 due to the Heating Hot Water Infrastructure Construction Project. It is expected to reopen on March 13, according to a campuswide email. The stop is an access point to over 10 bus routes and three campus shuttles, and is one of the most commonly used at Long Beach State. Students reacted to the incoming closure, commenting on the added obstacles it will pose for the next month. “[The stop] is in a high traffic area,” said Erica Lacap, a LBSU student. “I just wish the school did the construction over the summer session, instead of now, at a time when most students are here.” While the bus stop digital screen displays upcoming arrivals, texting LBT 1025 to LBT Agency’s text-line gives students a list of usually five different buses arriving at the stop within the 15 minutes of the time of text. “Using the shuttles will be pointless when the stop closes,” said Allison Turner, a third year public relations major. “I’m just going to drive to campus and park at the residential parking lots and make the walk from there [to class].” While

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‘Bad environmentalists’ attempt green humor

A new alternative in green thinking is vulgar, absurd and sexual. More individuals are loosening up to challenge remarks of environmentalists being stern, gloomy hypocrites. Bad environmentalism is a relaxed, comical approach that informs the public of the damage that it creates on the environment. “These artists and activists are very self-aware in addition to being humorous,” California State University, Fullerton professor Nicole Seymour said of so-called “bad environmentalists.” “They don’t take anything seriously, including themselves.” The CSUF professor lectured at Long Beach State’s Anatol Center Thursday to give attendees more insight into the message behind her new book, “Bad Environmentalism: Irony and Irreverence in the Ecological Age.” “It seems we need environmentalism, yet there’s something deeply wrong with … the more prominent, mainstream strain of it,” Seymour said. Sarcastically, she joked “but everyone hates environmentalists! They’re gloomy-and-doomy killjoys that make us feel guilty.” Examples of bad environmentalism include material from stand-up comic Simon Amstell, 1941s, ecosexuals and the 2008 series Green Porno. These works are ‘bad’ from a mainstream environmentalist standpoint, and they embrace irony and absurdity “to remind us of the ironies and absurdities surrounding environmental crisis,” Seymour said. Green Porno uses a collection of short, comical skits

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