Disneyland is expensive, but it’s still worth it
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How much are you willing to spend to have a day at the “happiest place on Earth?”

According to Disneyland’s newest price increase in February, regular tickets start at $117 for a single day, up from the previous $110. The already pricey park continues to raise its prices.

To be fair, Disney continues to up its game with the transformation of Pixar Pier in California Adventure last year, the new park addition of Star Wars Galaxy Edge coming this summer and the soon-to-be Marvel Land to take the place of A Bug’s Land.

But are the increasing ticket prices really worth it right now? Is $117 worth a ride on Space Mountain, hearing the upbeat music of the Disneyland Band on Main Street U.S.A or eating a Mickey beignet from New Orleans Square?

Well, with all of the construction going on to create these new and exciting lands and attractions, the price may arguably not be worth it if you plan to visit anytime before summer.

For starters, the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle that has long been photographed by guests from far and wide is now completely blocked off by fences due to refurbishments after the park’s 60th anniversary. Especially for first-timers who have not experienced the park in its prime, a costly trip to Disney only to see the castle blocked off and under tarps will automatically make the park lose some of its magic.

Construction on Star Wars Galaxy Edge also encroaches upon some of the Disney magic. The once clean-cut and curated skyline around the park — that perfectly blocks out the surrounding area of Anaheim — is now replaced by large cranes and other machinery that can be seen from several locations throughout Disneyland.

To some, seeing the construction of Galaxy’s Edge might be exciting to watch to get a glimpse of what the future park could look like, but to other guests, this could impact the feeling of “being in another world.”

Another thing to take into consideration is the season and any possible celebrations going on at the parks. Currently, the park is considered to be off season, which means you can get tickets for a lesser rate. But with the recent rainy days and lack of upcoming celebrations, the park doesn’t have anything extra exciting to offer unlike during its summer, Halloween and Christmas seasons.

During those seasons, the park is adorned with festive decorations, themed music and extra activities that make the visit even more magical. Of course, that also means the parks are naturally busier so ticket prices increase, but with tickets being as expensive as they already are, wouldn’t you want the full experience?

All of the current construction and price raises aside, I firmly believe that Disney is worth every cent. Sure, I probably wouldn’t break my bank to visit the park right now, but come summertime when most of the construction is complete and the weather is warmer, I would happily hand over my wallet to Mickey Mouse.

The Disneyland parks provide a curated and magical experience that no other park I have been to can even touch. From the perfectly shaped hedges and edible plants in Tomorrowland, to the animal sounds and jungle ambience of Adventureland, Disney truly tries to create an entirely new world for their guests.

Whenever I get grumpy over the cost of admission or overly pricey Dole Whip from the Tiki Bar in Adventureland, I just remind myself of what the money I’m spending really goes to.

When you purchase a ticket, you’re not just getting into an amusement park that has some basic rides. You’re also privy to firework shows, constant parades, live shows, kind employees and much more.

So my best advice?

Hold off on visiting the park for now, but come summertime, spend that extra $7 on a ticket to have a magical experience with brand new attractions.

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