Campus Clash racks up a near $20,000 bill

When nonprofit, right-wing organization Turning Point USA brought a flurry of conservative ideas to Long Beach State on Oct. 23, the university prepared itself with K-rail barriers, fencing and 70 police members. The event required dozens of personnel on standby, as well as added costs for LBSU, Turning Point USA and the Cal State University system. The total cost of the event was about $19,667.41, but according to Jeff Bliss, the university’s executive director of media, LBSU only paid $7,375.51. Bliss said there were 15 University Police officers and three K-9 officers — two of which were on loan from “neighboring agencies.” There were also four commanders. Two were from the university and two were from the CSU system’s Critical Response Unit. Also at the event were two chiefs — one from LBSU and one from the CRU. In addition, the university brought in 46 officers from throughout the CSU. University police received $382.04 in total for overtime costs. “In order to minimize overtime, schedules were adjusted for most staff to come in later that day knowing they would be staying late,” Bliss said. The extra officers not employed by LBSU came from the Chancellor’s Office and the CSU system.

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Campus Clash sparks a Senate debate on transparency

The Associated Students Inc. Senate members found themselves in a heated discussion this Wednesday regarding how Long Beach State officials announced the occurrence of the Campus Clash talk back in October. President Jane Conoley sent an email to all students just hours before the event was scheduled to begin, failing to mention the added police and K-9 unit presence for the event or of the total closure of the first floor of the University Student Union. The resolution, according to one of its authors Sen. Megan Kim, asked the administration to “be more transparent, by giving two weeks in notice, so that students can be more aware of... where they should be,” citing how the police dogs and barricades gave the impression of a more dire situation without prior context. Senator Alejandra Aguilar was the first to question the resolution, bringing up how she felt it seemed targeted against Campus Clash specifically and was not broad enough to really influence decision-making regarding other organizations’ presence on campus. “This looks very just targeted toward this organization especially, and its making ASI look like we did not want this [Campus Clash] here,” she said. Turning Point USA’s presence on campus on Oct.

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Student coalition releases statement in response to university’s handling of Turning Point USA event

#WeAreCSULB, a coalition of student groups, published a statement Oct. 25 claiming that Long Beach State provides no protection or support for marginalized groups on campus. The statement was posted to the La Raza Student Association Instagram, following Turning Point USA’s event, Campus Clash Oct. 23. #WeAreCSULB is comprised of Anakbayan Long Beach, Black Student Union, California Autonomous Student Movement, La Raza Student Association, Queers and Allies, Students for Quality Education and the Young Democratic Socialists of America. Turning Point USA is an organization whose mission is “to identify, educate, train and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets and limited government,” according to their website. “The institution has proven its negligence and violence once more to our community by allowing Turning Point USA’s event to take place on campus on October 23rd,” the statement reads. The student coalition said that the name Campus Clash implies violence and despite this, as well as the presence of police in riot gear and other security measures, President Jane Close Conoley still allowed this event to occur. “This was especially made clear by President Conoley’s letter where she falsely protected Hate Speech under the guise of freedom of speech,” the

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Beach Weekly: Episode 2

This week's podcast covers a range of different news topics. Assistant News Editor James Chow interviews the Daily 49er reporters who covered the Campus Clash event, a story on college affordability and the Climathon event. Campus Clash: 0:31 College Affordability 5:50 Climathon 10:41

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Hundreds of protesters take a stand at Campus Clash tour

Crowds of protesters chanted, "Go home fascist” and held signs that read phrases such as, “Unite to fight patriarchy and bigotry,” among other slogans on the bottom steps of the Long Beach State University Student Union Tuesday night. This protest was in response to Campus Clash, a talk hosted by Turning Point USA featuring conservative speakers Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. Videos posted on Twitter showed shoving matches between protesters and TPUSA supporters. One man snatched a poster from the protesters which he attempted to tear, leading to one member of the crowd to spit on him. Shouts were exchanged between him and the crowd, with the man eventually walking away as the crowd chanted "go home fascist" to him. .@daily49er "Go home fascist" is the new chant of the protesters at the Campus Clash event. #49ernow — Jaron Cofield (@JaronCofield) October 24, 2018 According to its website, TPUSA was founded in 2012 by Kirk and is a nonprofit conservative organization whose mission is to “identify, educate, train and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets and limited government.” The USU Beach Auditorium was filled to max capacity while the 236 attendees who were allowed entry