A psychedelic look into mental illness

The colorful ,60s inspired ceramics capture people’s attention while the powerful message captures people’s minds in this week's student art galleries. Senior bachelor of fine arts student Corrie Wille produces art inspired by her struggle with depression.

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Hannah Brimer highlights importance of #MeToo in latest exhibition

In such stark political times, some student artists have decided to weaponize their brushes in order to shed light on social issues they’re passionate about. The latest exhibit at the School of Art Galleries, “Luminance,” highlights the artistic work of three students: Hannah Brimer, Riley Natividad and Sylvan Steightiff. The central theme of the exhibition highlights the importance of the #MeToo movement. Brimer created three pieces featured in the exhibition which runs until Feb. 14. As part of an ongoing series, Brimer created a still-life portrait of figs, and two large grey and blue canvas paintings. One canvas features an image of a nude woman on her back wearing a blindfold. The alternate canvas features a green lovebird eating a fig. “All of my work is based on female sexuality, whether that’s confidence or insecurities.” Brimer said. “This piece addresses the #MeToo movement and the piece itself is really symbolic because the woman in the painting is nude, so it’s kind of representing her inner struggles and vulnerability … she’s slowly pulling a blindfold off which represents removing stereotypes that have been enforced upon her by society.” Brimer went on to explain the symbolism of her piece and how all

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In Photos: ‘Nine’ exhibit hosts a diverse range of artistic viewpoints

Nine Bachelor of Fine Art students came together with a culmination of different artworks and ideas in their group exhibition, "Nine." The name of the exhibit, while it represents the number of artists involved, is a tribute to the number nine and its many symbols, such as representing the completion of a cycle in numerology and the number of an inward voyage in tarot cards. As written in the group's exhibit description, the meanings of "Nine" represent these ideas as the students are soon to embark on a new journey after completing their BFA degrees.

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