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Long Beach State students spill the tea on why they’re voting

Viridiana Cabrera

Fourth-year sociology major

“I voted because I wanna see change in the country. Honestly, I don’t like Trump at all—he’s so racist and mean, so I don’t want to see him running this country for another four years. We have to go out and vote to see the changes that we want in the country!”

Yazmin Escamilla

Second-year design major

“Given the circumstances of what is going on in the United States, I decided to vote for a better future. The United States, nor our climate, can afford another four years of Donald Trump in office. Trump has continuously set us back with Black Lives Matter, healthcare, LGBTQ+ rights and our climate crisis. We can’t afford someone in office who ignores science. We have lost over 200,000 lives due to Trump’s ignorance on the [coronavirus]pandemic. We can’t afford this careless action any longer. We need politicians who truly care about the people’s well-being and making progressive change. In addition, I am voting for our propositions that will have a big impact in our lives. It is important to remember that the proposition component is equally as important to the presidential component.”

Anthony Regina

Second-year political science and history major

“I voted because Trump has to go. Never have I ever seen such a chaotic administration, and it is embarrassing. Plus everything he has done has been against many people.”

Kaitlyn Rowell

Second-year journalism major

“Because the past four  years have been scary, and I wanted to vote out a certain someone and his enablers.”

Alexa Findlay

Graduate student studying English

“I honestly feel like this is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. The only way to make change happen is to vote! So to make my voice heard, I voted.”

Emily Chrasta

First year biomedical engineering major

“I voted because people’s lives and the planet depend on it. It’s as simple as that.”

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    Sara Madera

    Great job
    Thank you for making your voice and vote count .
    For a better tomorrow.

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