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LBSU is ready for its close up

Lower campus was taken over by tents, a large crane camera and a handful of extras Monday as CBS crews shot scenes for the pilot episode of “Under the Bridge.”

The executive producer of the show, Rina Mimoun, said they chose Long Beach State as a backdrop for 1999 flashback scenes of a medical school and that five of the main characters attended.

“It’s a beautiful campus and it looks perfect for what we need,” Mimoun said.

The show is about a surgeon named Kate, played by Jennifer Morrison, who is forced to return to work after she left because of a scandal that her husband was involved in. The show will revolve around her mending her relationship and her career.

The main group is played by actors Morrison, Reggie Lee, David Ajala, Justin Kirk and Sarayu Blue, who were all on campus filming.

The crew was on campus all day until they moved to Community Hospital to shoot more scenes.

Associated Students Inc. tents were set up several feet away for the election voting going on this week. Helen Rodriguez, who was part of the team getting people to vote, expressed her frustration with the situation.

“We booked the venue first,” she said. “[They said] that we were supposed to be quiet while they were rolling.”

ASI had to move its tents and Rodriguez said that foot traffic for the voting tent was impacted by the shooting. She said it was difficult for her team to call for students to participate when they were constantly told to be quiet for shooting.

“It’s the most important part of the year because it is the elections for next year,” Rodriguez said. “We’re sorry that this happened, but people need to vote.”

The CBS crew plans to shoot on campus for the next three days, according to Mimoun. The specific locations are unknown.

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