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BROCKHAMPTON returns with its fifth studio album with lonely lyrics

The world’s “best boy band since One Direction,” BROCKHAMPTION is back by popular demand with its latest album “GINGER.”   

The album begins with its single track “No Halo,” which sets the tone for the whole album: looking towards the future.

The album starts off strong with lyrics about recent personal trauma, such as relationship problems and life struggles. Listeners can relate by understanding what the members have been through, and know tragedy happens to everyone.

In the song, “No Halo,” one of the members, Merlyn Wood says: “Do I matter? I’m ecstatic, I’m depressed, more like God’s special mess, never had no halo.” Later in the song, Joba, another member, says: “In times like these, I just need to believe it’s all part of a plan, lost a part of me, but I am still here.” 

The lyrics translate into how no one is perfect but imperfect is what makes them special. 

Unlike its previous album, which some listeners found to be boring, extremely pessimistic and unorganized, “GINGER” is still uniquely BROCKHAMPTON.

The weird scratches, ticks, sounds and auto-tuned voices are still embedded in almost every song.

The first half of the album begins with “No Halo,” “Sugar” and ”Boy Bye” are recognizable as BROCKHAMPTON. 

The last half of the album takes a different turn. The songs are slowed down and allow the listener to sit down and focus on the lyrics which can be summarized to a simple message: to enjoy the moment.

Personally, I enjoyed “GINGER” a lot more than “Iridescence.” “Iridescence” was toned down and different compared to its famous and outgoing “Saturation” trilogy.

“GINGER” feels like the group has matured by creating quality music and entering a new chapter of their lives.

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