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CSULB’s fourth annual Tech Day: a festival-style information session

A few “free pizza” signs and an array of booths drew a large crowd to the friendship walk Wednesday for Long Beach State’s fourth annual Tech Day. 

The friendship walk was jam-packed with a total of around 36 informational booths such as SkullCandy, CSULB Shark Lab, the 49er Shops Bookstore and Beachboard.

Tech Day is hosted by the division of information technology on campus. The information event aims to be a festival-style showcase of campus technology services and innovation.

“It is very informing of all the programs on campus and it’s just a great way to involve students and let them know what is here,” said Samantha Porter, a second-year health care administration major.

While students roamed around the friendship walk, the people at the on-campus services booths informed students about the resources available to them that they may not have known about.


Friendship walk is flooded with students seeking information on the various programs CSULB offers on technology and technological development, at the fourth annual Teach Day.

Christian Wiseman

Kayla Jolly, the sustainable transportation coordinator for parking and transportation, talked about the technology the parking team uses and gave suggestions as to other transportation options. 

“We want to make sure students are aware of…how user-friendly using sustainable transportation can be,” Jolly said. 

The parking and transportation booth was not the only on-campus service that helped students. Workers and assistants from the Beachboard team raffled off an Amazon Echo.

Shaika Gautam, a student assistant, asked students their thoughts about the Beachboard platform. 

“We are kind of just trying to get feedback from students,” Gautam said. “That way we can cater more toward what the students want.”

Beachboard representatives also used Tech Day as an opportunity to promote their new app, Pulse, which will allow for Beachboard notifications to reach smartphones.

Victor Rodriguez, a second-year computer science major, was especially excited to hear from the high performance computing tent but was pleased nonetheless that the event was held in general for all students to enjoy.

“It’s pretty awesome, we need more representation in the tech field, especially like this,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not just the back end information it’s the stuff that’s presentable and digestible.”

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