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The Carpenter Center participates in nationwide #RedAlertRESTART event

The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center lit up red Sept. 1 as part of #RedAlertRESTART, a nationwide event calling attention to the loss of jobs within the live events industry.

Over 1,500 homes and venues participated Monday night, taking to social media to post an image of the their buildings lit in a red light with the hashtag, #RedAlertRESTART. 

According to the #WeMakeEvents, the coalition of trade bodies, businesses, unions, and live events workers who organized this event, 95% of live events have been canceled due to the pandemic. This has affected not only performers, but lighting crews, production crews and stage managers.

In an email with Franz Neumann, external communications coordinator at the Carpenter Center, he explained that the Carpenter Center first learned of the event through colleagues in Southern California as well as through Musical Theatre West, their resident theatre company.

“Venues were one of the first industries to shut down and, because events are indoors with large crowds, live events will likely be one of the last parts of the economy to reopen when the pandemic is over,” Neumann said. “For some venues, a protracted closure may mean permanent closure and a great loss to fans of live performance.”

While the Carpenter Center has been able to withstand the threat of closure due to its affiliation with Long Beach State, other venues have reduced staff and wages. 

“The public is aware of the artists who can no longer perform live in-person, but it’s important to also call attention to the many thousands in the industry who have been put out of work as a result of the pandemic, and who need assistance,” Neumann said.

Participants hope that people who witness or learn about this event will unite with the live performance industry to petition their representatives to enact legislation that will assist the industry during this time. 

For more information, visit #WeMakeEvents website.  

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