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Students participate in free monthly painting event, Paint and Sip, at Long Beach State

Close to 50 student gathered on the University Student Union’s southwest terrace on Wednesday, Sept. 29, to participate in Paint and Sip, a monthly event at Long Beach State consisting of blank canvases, painting supplies and water for students to enjoy free of charge.

The instructor for the evening, Stephanie Castro, guided students through a Bob Ross step-by-step style of painting with soothing music in the background.

For this event, students were instructed to draw a mountainside with a small pond reflecting petals on a tree branch under the night sky with a shining moon over the peak.

Students were free to pursue their own style of painting, resulting in art that stood out from one another in small details such as color tones, number of stars in the sky and ripples in the water.

09/29/2021 - LONG BEACH, CA. Model painting at the Paint & Sip event.
09/29/2021 - LONG BEACH, CA. Model painting at the Paint & Sip event. Photo credit: Christian Lopez

“I had a really good experience,” Ethan Lauren, a fourth-year journalism major, said. ” I’m the opposite of an artist. Honestly, I was a little nervous to do it but it was fun once I got the hang of it. I’ll hang it proudly on my wall.”

CSULB human development major, Yvette Campos, and psychology major, Muskan Jumani both said that they had a nice time at the event and intend to bring friends next time to have a nice “girls night out.”

Elanor Whitesides, an electrical engineering major and a more experienced painter said she has painting as a hobby for most of her life. She said Paint and Sip created a great atmosphere for students.

The company that was reserved for this event was “Painting with a Twist.”

According to their website, the event is meant to be a fun time with friends with no artistic experience needed to participate.

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