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Origami Day at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

On Feb. 18, the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden hosted Origami Day, where people of all ages learned and engaged in the traditional Japanese art of origami.

Various stations equipped with visual guides of origami folding techniques were set up throughout the garden, offering different scenery and views depending on where one’s station was.

Origami guidebooks were also available to attendees for extra help and guidance, which included historical information on the traditional art form and different folding techniques.

Families and friends sat together, creating cranes, hearts and other origami creations while guiding and helping each other through the process. A variety of colorful paper, in solids and patterns, was available.

Staff members were on hand to assist attendees when needed and actively participated in folding origami, forming a collaborative atmosphere. Volunteers were at different folding stations, offering snacks and origami kits to attendees.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the event included a Year of the Dragon-themed bingo, which attendees could participate in, offering an array of prizes for the winners to choose from.

As the event came to a close, participants completed and took home their origami creations while taking one last walk through the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.

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