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Myth becomes reality at Getty Villa

With spectacular views of the city of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean coastline, and an extensive collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiques, a visit to the Getty Villa is a unique and refreshing experience.

 The drive along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to the Getty Villa is only the beginning of the amazing sights.

 The driveway of the Getty Villa is paved with large irregular stones, replicating the streets of ancient Rome. Upon entering the exhibits, guests are surrounded by majestic Greek architecture and lush gardens planted with species known from the ancient Mediterranean.

 The exhibits, which are housed in the inner peristyle, contain vases, statues and other murals depicting scenes of ancient heroes, gods and goddess of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A carving depicting a battle scene with the hero Apollo, statues of Zeus in the midst of seduction, statues of Aphrodite and vases illustrating the Underworld with Hades and Persephone are only some of the exhibits on display at the Villa.

 The Temple of Heracles contains a larger-than-life statue of the hero himself, along with a detailed and interesting description of the restoration of the statue. Also housed in the Temple of Heracles is the marble statue of Leda and the swan, symbolizing Zeus’s seduction of Leda in the form of a swan.

 Aside from the exhibits, guests can experience classical drama and concerts in the outdoor amphitheatre.

 The outer peristyle houses a reflecting pool surrounded by formal gardens, which features bronze sculptures of various mythological creatures. With its breathtaking views of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean, this mini outdoor paradise is the perfect photo spot.

 The Villa also offers visitors a café and a Museum Store. The café is situated on the upper level, allowing guests to view the layout of the museum from above. Guests can also see a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean in the distance from the café. The Museum Store, located below the café, offers a comprehensive selection of publications on classical antiquity, as well as a wide range of merchandise inspired by the J. Paul Getty Museum’s collections, according to the museum guide.

 While admission to the Getty Villa is free, timed tickets must be reserved on the Getty website and presented at the parking structure entrance.

Although the Getty Villa houses an extensive collection of Greek and Roman art, the art is not the only thing that influences the viewer. The layout and setting of the Villa also provide both an educational and cultural experience for guests.

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