Author: Sabrina Flores

Group of students making crafts.

Grow baby, grow

Events hosted by LBSU such as Earth Week allow students a comfortable platform to educate themselves on the seriousness of topics such as climate change and sustainable living.

Universities: Helping the rich get richer

Growing up, I was always conscious of how far money could get you in life. I knew this from firsthand experience as someone looking in from the outside, as someone who didn’t have this advantage. Nothing has laminated this as much as the recent college admission scandal that has come to light.

Man, that was fast

I’m not excited for graduation, there I said it. In fact, I’m terrified to meet the harsh reality that awaits me after I finally depart from the safety of being a student. For many students, this will be happening sooner rather than later. Long Beach State Provost Brian Jersky recently[Read More…]

Cosby is canceled, permanently

Growing up, everyone watched shows they followed religiously, ignorant to any implication of the deteriorating skeletons neatly packed away in the closets of our favorite actors. One such childhood actor is Bill Cosby of the now infamous Cosby Show; one of Cosby’s skeletons gained a voice in November 2002 and[Read More…]

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