Daily 49er partners with Long Beach public libraries

The Daily 49er, Long Beach State University’s (LBSU) student-run newspaper, announced today that it has partnered with the Long Beach Public Library (LBPL) to begin distributing the publication to all 11 currently open public libraries in the city.

“We are very excited to be carrying the Daily 49er in our branches. The Long Beach Public Libraries are a resource of information for our community, and the Daily 49er brings a unique student perspective on LBSU campus and city news,” said Susan Jones, manager of main library services for the Long Beach Public Library. “Anything we can do to bring more information and perspectives to our patrons is something we value.”

The first issue to be available through LBPL is a special edition focused on the city of Long Beach featuring a profile on street artist Noelle Martinez; an article about local book publisher Brown Paper Press; a photo story following a member of Long Beach’s homeless community; and a feature on how multiple generations of Cambodian-Americans in Long Beach are embracing two cultures. All articles in this issue appear in English and Spanish so that the content is more accessible to communities that may not normally receive local news in their language.

“Student newspapers are a place for experimentation in content and delivery. They are a platform for alternative perspectives that you may not see in traditional newspapers,” said Carlos Villicana, Daily 49er special issues editor. “More publications being easily accessible to our city can only be a good thing, as this allows creative stories and methods of delivery to reach many more people, including those who may not be able to afford newspaper subscriptions.”

The Daily 49er prints on Mondays and Thursdays during the fall and spring semesters. Spring 2019 issues will be distributed to the Long Beach Public Libraries through the end of May. Distribution of issues for the Fall 2019 semester will begin the last week of August.

About the Daily 49er: The Daily 49er is Long Beach State University’s oldest studentrun publication and official paper of record for the university. First released in November 1949, the Daily 49er will be celebrating its 70th year delivering the students’ perspective on campus and city news, arts and life, sports, editorials and more. For more information, visit Daily49er.com.

About the Long Beach Public Library: Long Beach Public Library, founded in 1896, serves a diverse urban city of close to half a million people. The Long Beach Public Library system includes Main Library and eleven neighborhood libraries and a vibrant online presence. In summer of 2017, the Long Beach Public Library was awarded the National Medal for Library and Museum Services in recognition of successful community-collaborations, innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and literacy-focused programs to the residents of Long Beach. With an emphasis on providing free and equal access to information and support for learning for a lifetime, the  library offers books, media, databases, Internet access, Family Learning Centers, makerspaces, and a variety of events ranging from story times to cultural programs. For more information, visit www.lbpl.org.

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