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Greek drama updated with modern comedy

Sex, love and murder filled the hazy air during Cal State Long Beach’s Greek play, “Songs of the Siren: The Greeks Remixed” which was confusing at first, but left the audience laughing hysterically. “Songs of the Siren” consists of a series of seven individual Greek myths that are remixed with[Read More…]

Amazing performances with ‘broken’ subplots

“Broken Embraces” marks the fourth collaboration between Oscar winners Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodóvar. The magic these two bring to the big screen has yet to wear out. Although not completely ruined by its subplots, “Broken Embraces” is a forgettable, yet good film. A film based on films, “Broken Embraces”[Read More…]

Printmaking finds another dimension

Gretchen Merideth Jankowski, 31, is a printmaking major. The opening reception of her master’s of fine arts exhibition was in the Gatov Gallery in the Art Department Student Galleries last Sunday. In the Gatov Gallery, the visitor faces a wall of two-dimensional prints on fabric in different colors and textiles[Read More…]

Family secrets, intense fights in ‘Festen’

California Repertory Company opened its new season Friday at the Queen Mary with David Eldridge’s “Festen”—where the audience laughed and cried at the same time.Eldridge based “Festen” on the film “The Celebration,” a Cannes Film Festival favorite. Joanne Gordon, theater arts department chair at Cal State Long Beach and artistic[Read More…]

Blink is back

IRVINE — Excitement and the smell of fresh kettle corn filled the air Sept. 17 as fans piled through the gates of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre for an event four years in the making: the reunion of Blink-182. A curtain hid the stage as the audience eagerly chanted the band’s[Read More…]

Monkeys raise art punk to new level

Arctic Monkeys’ third album is an amazing, surreal punk rock collection that’s out of this world. Although British disco punk bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party have faltered on its third record, Arctic Monkeys from Sheffield, England, have only grown more engaging with its third album, “Humbug.” Rather[Read More…]

Screaming down the packed house

ANAHEIM – The Used’s CD-release concert of “Artwork” was a spectacular scream-fest for some of its biggest fans. The first 400 people who ordered “Artwork” were able to attend an exclusive CD-release show at Chain Reaction on Monday. To let even more fans in the already-packed venue, the Utah band[Read More…]

The Used’s new album a dark success

Screamo favorites, The Used, announce their new album “Artwork,” which they described as the album they have looked forward to the most since their first release in 2002. Alternative Press Magazine described it as the “definitive album of their career.” The band made many changes with this album, including working[Read More…]

Annual punk rock summer camp

Picture this: a venue with over thirty bands playing on several spread out stages. At this venue, fans from every area of rock music and the bands that they love can all gather together in peace and listen to the music that soothes their souls. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t[Read More…]

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