Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are opeds from outside people that are given to the 49er to run.

Letter to the Editor: Response to President Conoley

I was perplexed and perturbed after reading the article in the Feb. 6th issue in the Daily 49er, written by Lauren Martinez, titled “CSULB Academic Senate Discusses Proposed Budget Cuts” which announced that there are no funds for live music for the Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremonies at CSULB. These[Read More…]

Promoting social justice

Injustice can affect anyone, at any time. Current social justice issues, including the NFL protests that target racial injustice, expose the deeply flawed systems that we often take for granted or overlook. My idea of social justice is the assignment of merited rewards to groups who are marginalized and assignment[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor: Althea Waites

After several months of deliberation and soul-searching, I have decided to go on strike along with my colleagues at Cal State Long Beach and numerous faculty members at California State University campuses throughout the state. This was certainly not an easy decision for me because I am deeply committed to[Read More…]

To the Guy with the Knife…

On Feb. 25, a male student displayed a knife during a race and gender studies class. Reports circulated that the incident was racially charged and students vocalized disappointment in the amount of time it took campus officials to release a statement. A moderated forum was held last Thursday to give[Read More…]

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