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Beach Defined S1E2: How 2022 commencement ended up at Angel Stadium

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of the previous video posted on April 18. We corrected the mistake made on previous locations for CSULB commencements and clarified projected total cost for the upcoming spring 2022 commencement. Edits made 4/28.

In the second episode of Beach Defined, Daily Forty-Niner Video investigates the situation involving the 2022 graduation ceremony and its venue, Angel Stadium.

Typically, Long Beach State graduation ceremonies were held traditionally at either the track fields or Walter Pyramid. However, on January 20th, the CSULB Commencement Office announced that this year’s commencement will take place at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

The university would reportedly be operating at a $300,000 budget deficit in renting the venue from Angel Stadium, as the total anticipated cost for commencement was projected to be $1,133,462.08.

However, due to increasing graduation rates, staffing shortages and a lack of accessible resources due to the pandemic, the university is once again holding commencement off-campus.

While it seems that hosting graduation ceremonies on campus seems highly unlikely this year, the university is reportedly continuing to plan for a traditional ceremony for 2023 graduates.

Produced by Reyn Ou.

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