Car on fire near upper campus

A car was seen on fire on Seventh Street in front of the turnaround between the campus library and theater building on Tuesday morning. The Fire Department arrived shortly after to put the fire out, and the driver, a man who wished to remain unnamed, was left waiting for the American Automobile Association to arrive.

The driver said that he was heading to a doctor appointment “at the VA.” He said he was driving along Seventh Street when his car began smoking. Someone passing by yelled to the driver that his car was on fire. The driver then pulled over in front of the turnaround, and got out. He said no one was hurt, as far as he could tell.

The driver said the Fire Department was called by a police officer who happened to be passing by.

While waiting, the driver was joined by a man with sunglasses and a long graying pony tail. The driver referred to this man as “Uncle Martin” while on the phone. This man said he was called by the driver this morning and came to help.

Jesus Ambrosio, Daily 49er
Jesus Ambrosio, Daily 49er

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