ASI Senate resolution encourages awareness of sexual assault

The Associated Students, Inc. Senate heard a resolution at the meeting on Wednesday to help support sexual assault awareness at California State University, Long Beach.

ASI Senators David Kling and Joanna Yan introduced the resolution, proposing that CSULB student leaders promote the culture of having a safe and respectful campus through campus-wide sexual assault prevention strategies.

The resolution would encourage the creation of a comprehensive assault program through current sexual assault prevention programs, including Bystander Intervention, Engaging Men, Healthy Sexuality Education and Public Awareness.

“This is just a resolution to bring awareness and bring [sexual assault] to the light,” Kling said to the senate.

The resolution also aims to reinstate the University 100 course that was removed due to budget cuts.

The University 100 course informed freshmen and transfer students of sexual assault prevention. The course also informed students of campus life, vehicle theft prevention, residential theft or burglary prevention and credit card solicitation.

The course would be reinstated in order to increase the education of sexual assault during the “red zone” period.

“The red zone is the beginning of the semester,” Kling said to the senate. “That’s when women are most at risk to be sexually assaulted.”

April is sexual assault awareness month, and ASI plans to help support and advertise for Sexual Assault week at CSULB.

The resolution requests that during this week, a bell be rung from the Carlson Bloc Bell Tower every 107 seconds, two times a day for 30 minutes.

“Every 107 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States,” Yan said. “So it would be really cool to have that bell ring every 107 seconds.”

During the meeting, ASI Sen. Bryana Olmeda said she was curious about the logistics of having a bell ring since the Carlson Bloc Bell Tower does not have a bell inside it. The bell ring would come from speakers that can have a bell sound projected, Vice President Nayiri Baghdassarian said.

Another resolution introduced on Wednesday asked the senate for a 50/50 initiative, through which students leaders of ASI would collectively visit 50 clubs and organizations in 50 academic days.

“If this resolution passes, we would like all of the senators to take part in this and help increase visibility and getting out to the students so they can voice their concerns,” Kling said to the senate.

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