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CSULB student government meets for final meeting

The Associated Students Inc. Senate met for its final meeting last night, passing its final resolutions of the spring semester.

At the start of the meeting, Sen. Yasmin Elasmar asked for the resolution regarding the establishment of a Student Oversight Committee for Risk Assessment be tabled until further notice.

The resolution was written by Elasmar in collaboration with the newly formed student coalition We Are CSULB. The committee would be a student-run organization to deal with incidents of actual or alleged violence on campus.

The committee would also be made up of members from We Are CSULB, in addition to ASI and university representatives.

We Are CSULB has a large representation from the Black Student Union. It was at the request of the BSU that Elasmar asked to table the resolution, since the BSU is undergoing a change in its executive board.

The ASI Senate then passed a resolution in support of adding more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. The resolution was written by Elasmar and incoming ASI Vice President Logan Vournas.

The resolution encourages the university to “create, and actively maintain, gender-neutral bathrooms in every new building constructed on campus.” It also encourages the ASI Board of Directors to convert existing bathrooms to gender-neutral restrooms.

Next on the list was a resolution which supports alternative food options on campus. Currently, there are no kosher or halal options on campus or in the dorm dining halls.

This resolution urges the university to create kosher and halal food options to better serve the different religious communities represented at Cal State Long Beach.

Current ASI Vice President Miriam Hernandez started off the meeting with a tearful thank you to all the senators and advisers who worked tirelessly throughout this past academic year. She encouraged all incoming and returning ASI elected officials to engage with the campus community in the upcoming year by attending town hall meetings and new student orientations, among other events.

After the ASI Senate finished conducting its formal business, the senators went around the room and thanked each other for their work throughout the year and congratulated those who are graduating.

The ASI Senate then left the senate chambers, and went to the steps of the University Student Union for one final picture together.

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