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Crime blotter: student violence and trespassers apprehended

 Student Violence

University Police received a call on Aug. 31 about two female students who had an altercation outside of Brotman Hall. The two had no prior relationship. The victim had her hair pulled by the suspect after words were exchanged between the two. The suspect left the area and the incident is currently under investigation.

Another Trespasser Spotted on Campus

A male wearing a gray hoodie and dark pants was reported lying next to a bike yesterday. The suspect was on probation. UPD advised him of penal code 626.6, which states that he cannot be seen on campus in the next seven days, otherwise he will be arrested for violating terms of probation.

Student Stalked by Non-student

A female student reported a male was stalking her on Sept. 6. The male was not a student here and the incident is still under investigation.

Drunk Driver Gets Away

UPD received a call regarding a potentially drunk driver on Sept. 5. Police were called to the intersection of Palo Verde Avenue and De Leon Street, though the reported suspect was gone by the time the police arrived.

Trespasser Arrested For Violating Penal Code

A male wearing a yellow raincoat was arrested for trespassing on Sept. 1 in the men’s locker room of Engineering 3. The individual was on probation for vehicle theft. He’d trespassed on campus before and been warned by the police to stay off campus.

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