Board of Control: Sustainability center, budget adjustment main focus in meeting

The Associated Students, Inc. Board of Control met Tuesday to hear a proposal from Vice President Mary Stephens regarding a new recycling center, as well as to discuss department budget adjustments.

Following grant application hearings, Stephens took the floor to introduce the topic of partnering with ASI in efforts to build on the recycling center on campus and turn it into a sustainability center.

“We want to look more into composting and embarking in a zero waste program,” said David Salazar, the associate vice president of physical planning and facilities management. “We want to establish a center that is long overdue.”

Stephens later requested that the ASI identify students, staff and other organizations that would be willing to cooperate in the university’s efforts to improve the recycling center.

“It’s more than just talking, we would really like some commitment to sitting down with us to think about how we go forward together,” Stephens said.

While Stephens seemed eager to begin taking serious steps toward a sustainability center on campus, she made it clear that the university does not have any specific plans at this time. ASI will invite Stephens and the administration back to a future meeting for a more in-depth presentation on what the university has planned.

Later in the meeting, the board went into lengthy discussion on revising the student department budget. ASI Treasurer Giovanni Smith made it clear that funds allocated to, but not used by, particular departments would be moved to departments that went over budget or the Current Year Unallocated Funds.

The department that went over budget most in the past year was KBEACH student radio, by a margin of $5,170.

“Why are we giving the department the money that they overspent?” said Sharon Taylor, associate vice president of financial management. “We all have to live within a budget.”

The CYUF will see an increase in $8,756 from the budget adjustment, allowing for more flexibility on student travel grants and other things that come across the BOC’s path. Smith was very excited about the additional funds allocated to the CYUF, claiming that one of his main priorities as ASI Treasurer is to have as much money possible for “new and exciting” programs and events for students.  

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