‘Moving Forward Together’ takes top ASI positions in run-off election

Cal State Long Beach students submitted their final ballots for Associated Students, Inc. executive offices in a run-off election right before spring break and voted in the rest of the “Moving Forward Together” slate.

Joe Nino, vice president-elect, and Jonathan Wanless, treasurer-elect will join Daniel Gomez, ASI president-elect, in June to lead the student government at CSULB.

A little over 7 percent of Cal State Long Beach students voted in the run-off election that decided on two of the top positions in ASI.

In the initial election, candidate Kenia Duarte had the lead for vice president with 44.73 percent of the vote with 1,665 votes and Nino had 41.59 percent of the vote with 1,548 votes, a 117 vote difference. Nino won the run-off with 1,413 votes, or 51.72 percent.

Wanless led in the race for treasurer in the initial election with 1,550 votes, 41.98 percent of the total votes. Candidate Samuel Kim followed with 1,255 votes, 33.99 percent. In the run-off, Wanless won with 1,249 votes, which was 54.73 percent.

“Moving Forward Together” will take office on June 1, taking the positions of Marvin Flores, ASI president, Logan Vournas, ASI vice president and Giovanni Smith, ASI treasurer.

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