Senate argues over content in new resolution against hate crimes

As hate speech continues to be a hot topic on campus, Associated Students Inc. moved to pass a new resolution which will take a formal stand against hate crimes. The first reading of resolution “ASI Stands” passed 20-0-2 and serves to fight against hate crimes on campus.

According to Chair Sofia Musman, the senate created the resolution as a response to recent racial vandalism and hate speech occurrences at the university.

“Given all of the incidents that have been happening on campus about certain communities being targeted with posters being posted around campus, or messages in bathroom stalls or Facebook direct targeting, we decided to take a formal stand on this issue,” Musman said.

As senators spoke out about certain revisions or issues of the first reading, Senator Ian Macdonald was opposed to the use of hate speech in the resolution and claimed that the resolution is trying to define hate speech.

“Although there is a dictionary definition of hate speech under the laws and the constitution of our country, there is technically no hate speech,” Macdonald said. “I don’t think this senate should be involved in trying to define hate speech, but if we have targeted threats and people instilling violence towards our students on campus that’s something we can work with.”

In response to Macdonald’s comment Senator At-Large Thulani Ngazimbi spoke in opposition, stressing the importance of hate speech being included in the resolution.

“There’s a footnote at the bottom of the resolution that defines hate speech,” Ngazimbi said. “I still think this is something relevant to stand in this bill because the senate hasn’t come up with defining hate speech on its own. I think it’s important to keep the words hate speech in the resolution itself.”

The title of the resolution is still in progress with proposed thoughts to include free speech in the title.

ASI President Joe Nino delivers state of associates student address

Nino addressed the senate regarding all of the senate’s accomplishments within the fall semester and thanked them for all their efforts.

“As a former senator I know the hard work that goes into fulfilling the duties in your position and you face challenges that accompany the positions you hold,” Nino said.

“The work that you put in today affects thousands upon thousands of students not only now but for years to come.”

The speech celebrated the senate’s achievements and wellness for all students.

Since Aug. 1, the student government-ran recycling center, has recycled over 72,000 pounds of glass, 70,000 paper and 30,000 of plastic.

“ASI continues to be at the forefront of sustainability by implementing environmental friendly practices,” Nino said in his speech.

Beach Pantry has received nearly 2,500 visits since the start of the semester in the fight against food insecurity.

Nino gave kudos to the staff at Isabel Patterson Child Development Center for their ability to overcome the obstacles of relocation mid-semester.

“The IPCDC staff demonstrated that what matters most to them was the safety of the children,” Nino said. “This relocation was a true show of dedication and teamwork.”

This story was updated 11/6/2017

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