ASI holds senate elections for the new semester at CSULB

Associated Students Inc. got straight down to business during its first meeting of the spring semester — their motive: to elect new senators. After sifting through many applicants, three candidates were given a chance to speak in front of their would-be counterparts during Wednesday’s meeting for a chance to join the Senate.

Tensions were high as the three prepared to make their case; each delivered passionate speeches which ultimately won over the room.

Aaron Jordan, a sophomore majoring in mathematic education, stepped up to the podium hoping to be elected as the senator of the college of natural science and mathematics.

“Regardless of whether I am elected, I plan on raising this money for my department because I feel it is a need to help out other students,” Jordan said. “No one should have to struggle. Whatever career you’re going after, you should be given all the help you need.”

Sarah Brown, a freshman and studio art major, spoke about improving the art facilities. In her speech, she said she has experienced temperatures in classrooms that were too hot for students to bear. She expressed a need for the college of arts to be more involved in the university, and wants to encourage the acceptance of diversity on campus.

“I have had friends that have experienced hate speech directed towards them that has been very violent,” Brown said. “I am very passionate about awareness and protection against students.”

Senior Megan Kim, a political science major, expressed her concerns over increasing tuition. As a student who pays her tuition out of pocket and a candidate for the college of liberal arts, Kim said she understands how hard it can be to afford college. She also wants to help provide more scholarship opportunities for her department and increase campus safety.

“I take night classes and sometimes I get scared walking to my car,” said Kim. “I wish there could be more lights outside, and that’s something I could work on as a senator.”

All three were sworn before the end of the meeting.

President Joe Nino also informed the senate that the student government’s budget, which was anticipated to be $102 million, is currently set at $92 million due to California Governor Jerry Brown’s allocations. The senate will be discussing the discrepancy in the coming weeks.

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