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A day of remembrance at CSULB

An event hosted on campus Thursday gave students the opportunity to pay their respects to differently-abled individuals who have died. CSULB Students with Disabilities at Large teamed up with Associated Students Inc. and the Autism Self Advocacy Network to spread awareness and dispel myths about those who lived their lives with physical disabilities.

The event began with Christiana Koch, Commissioner of Disability Affairs, speaking to a small crowd of 12 students.

“Some people with disabilities do have a little bit of trouble with daily life skills such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and that’s okay.” Koch said. “Some of them may not get a job or get a degree, and that’s okay as well. They deserve to be here just as much as anyone else.”

Aubrey Balster
Commissioner of Disability Affairs Christiana Koch speaks during the Disability Day event last Thursday 3/1.

Koch challenged the audience with a call to action.

“By being here tonight, we are all making a collective statement that people with disabilities are at risk of violence and that this needs to end.” Koch said.

Students rose one by one, taking stage to pay their respects. Each student read two rows of names off a sheet of paper, followed by a moment of silence as they placed roses on the podium.

Aubrey Balster
Students listen with roses in hand as the names of filicide victims are read aloud 3/1.
Aubrey Balster
Students were invited to get behind the mic and give their respects to differently-abled individuals who have past away 3/1.

This article was updated March 6 at 9:33 p.m. The name of one of the groups responsible for organizing the event is CSULB Students with Disabilities at Large.

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