ASI Special Elections look to promote gender-inclusive language

Associated Students Inc. called for a Special Election the week before finals addressing gender neutral pronouns.

The resolution aims to amend the ASI Bylaws to fully include inclusive language, according to James Ahumada, ASI senior communications manager.

“Gender-inclusive pronouns are used out of respect, and to be inclusive of people’s gender identity,” Ahumada said in an email statement.

Student government leaders sent out an email stating the special election’s goal is to, “seek voter approval for an amendment to Chapter One of the Associated Students Bylaws,” which would remove pronouns such as “he/him/his” and “she/her/hers” to more gender-inclusive pronouns such as “they/them/their.” Sofia Musman, student government vice president, authored the proposal.

This resolution falls under Chapter One of the Bylaws, and students are required to vote either against the measure or in support of the measure. While Chapter Two amendments can be made by a super-majority vote of the Senate, Chapter One amendments can only be approved by a super-majority vote by the student population — which is at least 60 percent.

Ahumada also stated that last year, the senate approved a similar amendment to the Chapter Two Bylaws.

“A ‘Yes’ vote of 60 percent on this proposal would make Chapter One consistent with the changes already made to Chapter Two,” Ahumada said.

Students are encouraged to share their feelings about the special election through the ASI-branded hashtag, #MAKEYOURMARKLB.

The poll can be accessed via email until Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

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