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Robbers suspected of crashing near Parkside dorms detained

Three arrests were made this past week concerning the alleged robbers who stole from a 7-Eleven and crashed their getaway car near the Parkside College Dorms.

According to a Long Beach Police Department press statement, Adriano Martinez, a Compton resident, was apprehended after reporting the getaway car as stolen. Investigators arrested him after it was decided he may have been involved in the robbery.

His arrest led investigators to later arrest two suspects: 19-year-old Alexander Gomez in Compton and a 16-year-old minor in Downey.

“Yesterday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed one count of robbery against Martinez and one count of robbery with a gun enhancement against Gomez,” the press release stated.

A detained petition was also filed by the DA against the minor.

“In this particular case, they would all be charged with robbery,” Captain Richard Goodwin of the University Police Department said. “The driver, I believe, they’re charging her with [vehicular] pursuit because she was evading the police and she was driving.”

Earlier this month, two armed men robbed $200 from the 7-Eleven on Palo Verde and Atherton and escaped the scene in a getaway vehicle, driven by a female, that later crashed into a newsstand in front of Parkside.

The suspects escaped that night on foot, and residents at Parkside were put on a “shelter-in-place” while officers patrolled the area.   

According to the LBPD, Martinez and Gomez are both being held in jail on $100,000 bail.

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