LBSU weekly crime report

Crime Blotter: UPD arrest two suspicious cyclists

Beachside bike thief caught in the act

University Police Department dispatchers saw a man casing the Beachside College dorm bike racks as they monitored cameras April 2. Dispatchers sent officers to check on the man. When they arrived, they found him trying to saw the lock off a bike. The man made no attempt to flee and was arrested and booked by the UPD for bike theft.

Pedestrian stop turned chase ends in two arrests

A patrolling UPD officer attempted to talk to two transient men on bicycles at Atherton and Chatwin March 27. Before the officer had a chance to talk to them, both men fled in opposite directions on their bikes. The officer called for backup and chased one of the men in his patrol car. Backup arrived and, after a short chase, they caught one man at Whaley Park and the other under the canal bridge near the YMCA. One was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an officer, while the other was arrested on three outstanding warrants and for resisting an officer.

Dog-sitting email phisher reported

A student reported online fraud to UPD on April 2. The reporting party responded to a mass email asking for dog-sitting services. After he replied, the sender responded with instructions and mailed a check for $4,800. The student went to cash the check, but the bank didn’t accept it as it was fraudulent. Capt. Richard Goodwin said he was puzzled at what the perpetrators sought to gain. The student never met the sender or supplied any personal information beyond where to send the check to. There are no suspects.

Suspicious parcel in Design building

UPD received report of a suspicious parcel in the Design building April 2. The reporting faculty member described the object as a lunch box-sized case sitting in the middle of the hallway near the gallery. UPD responded and confiscated the contents of the box, which were microphones.

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