Crime Blotter: University Police investigate a parking structure burglary, a parking kiosk confrontation and an unwelcome opening

Uncontained argument in lot E8

A passerby reported a couple arguing outside a car in parking lot E8 on April 13. When University Police Department officers arrived, they found a man and a woman arguing outside their Nissan while two children sat in the back seat. Officers issued the couple a citation after they found an open alcohol container in their vehicle.

Parking kiosk kerfuffle

In the early afternoon of April 14, a parking enforcement officer reported a man yelling at a parking kiosk near the George Allen soccer field. The man later walked toward the tennis courts where UPD officers intercepted him. The officers filled out a field interview card, while they talked with the man before they sent him on his way.

Unwelcome attempted entry

A man attempted to open the car door of a student sitting outside Amazon @ The Beach the morning of April 15. After he was unable to gain entry to the vehicle, the 19-year-old white man moved towards West Campus Drive. Dispatched University Police officers were unable to locate the man.

Acura burgled in Palo Verde parking structure

A student reported personal items stolen from their car April 16. According to the report, the victim parked their Acura in the south Palo Verde parking structure at noon. When they returned from class at 7 p.m., their personal belongings were gone. There were no signs of forced entry on the vehicle, and there are currently no suspects in the UPD’s investigation.

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