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Crime Blotter: University Police respond to a stolen wallet, an ENG 3 burglary and a finals freakout in the library

Wallet stolen from LifeFit Center

A student reported her wallet stolen from her backpack while she was in the LifeFit Center the morning of May 1. The woman said after she arrived to class and set her backpack down, she turned around and walked over to talk to her classmates. When she returned, she noticed her backpack was unzipped and her wallet was missing. According to the report, the wallet contained $164, two drivers’ licenses, a debit card, four credit cards and her medical identification card. There are no suspects or leads.

A broken cabinet and stolen cash box in ENG 3

The University Police Department received a report of a burglary at the Engineering 3 building in room 118 on May 2. According to the report, the thief or thieves broke a cabinet lock and stole the cash box, which contained an unknown amount in cash and checks. The theft is under investigation, but there are no suspects or leads.

Frustrated by finals in the University Library

A male student reportedly started hitting the University Library lab computer he was working at out of frustration, the afternoon of May 2. UPD officers arrived at the scene and talked to the man before escorting him out of the library. After escorting the man out, officers entered the man’s information into CARES, the campus’s system to refer at-risk students for well-being checkups.

Class evacuated after report of a nearby intoxicated man

A man was reportedly drinking vodka near the Vivian Engineering Center the night of May 3. The report stated a nearby classroom was evacuated for an unspecified reason before the man was apprehended. When UPD officers arrived at the scene, they arrested the man without incident for public intoxication.

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