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CSULB enacts new dormitory parking policy

Weekend guest passes are now available for $20 for overnight dormitory visitors in an effort to prevent students from parking in nearby neighborhoods.

Housing and Residential Life partnered with Parking and Transportation Services to also provide two free passes each month to residents. This corresponds with the visitation policy of the residence halls, which limits guest visits to two nights per month. 

“We are happy to offer this option in hopes that it alleviates concerns from our campus neighbors,” said Corry Colonna, executive director of housing and residential life.

The guest passes are one of Long Beach State’s policy changes to minimize the impact of student parking on residential blocks bordering the campus. Students who live at Hillside, Parkside or Beachside College Dormitories are eligible to receive the free weekend visitor pass. 

“Knowing that there are very few classes on the weekends, one suggestion is that those parking in the neighborhoods may be guests of residential students,” Colonna said.

The new parking program was announced to housing residents at the beginning of the fall semester, according to Robyn-Ames Woodyard, director of parking and operations. 

“It’s cool,” said first-year liberal studies major Kadee Schuoler. “[Guests] complain that they have to pay $10 for daily parking.” 

The plan to impose guest parking passes came with controversy because the university announced it was putting a hold on the purchase of student parking permits, only a week after the start of the fall semester. However, last Wednesday, parking passes were available for students to purchase again. Students have expressed confusion over these changes, as they remain unable to park on campus for class. 

“I disagree with CSULB’s motion to give out guest passes because students who pay for a parking pass are struggling to find a spot as it is now,” said fourth-year business major, Naba Shtewi. “CSULB should be working toward a solution to the parking crisis, not adding to it.”

Aside from updating the parking policies, the university plans to implement a neighborhood watch program to monitor student activity. 

University Police Department will increase watch around Whaley Park Thursdays through Sundays to discourage students from participating in illegal activities around the neighborhood, according to President Jane Close Conoley. CSULB encourages community members to contact the UPD and the Watch Commander with patrol information, according to its website. 

“This program will help meet the needs of our residential students,” Ames-Woodyard said. “Housing and Residential Life will be subsidizing resident guest permits.”

Other parking program changes beginning fall semester include assisted parking, cashless pay stations and a permit fee increase. 

“CSULB should try reaching out to the thousands of students on campus… to better understand what might be best for their students,” Shtewi said.

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