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Stalking, harassing phone calls and more hit-and-runs


A female Long Beach State student said someone has been watching her through the window of her apartment at the Beverly Plaza Apartment Complex, which is located just over a mile from CSULB. She reported the incident to the University Police Department Oct. 21, but the UPD referred her to the Long Beach Police Department since the stalking didn’t take place on campus.

In another stalking incident, a male CSULB student said a female has been following him around campus. He said the female shows up “everywhere he goes around campus.” The student said she touched him inappropriately while swimming at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Oct. 22. The student filed a report with the UPD. The investigation is ongoing. 

Harassing Phone Calls

A CSULB staff member has been receiving threatening pictures, calls, and texts from an unknown source. The person messaging said they are with a cartel, according to messages the staff member has received. He reported it to the UPD because he believes it could be a student hoax. The UPD is currently working with the staff member to investigate..


The rear passenger side of a student’s 2008 Honda Element was scraped while parked in lot G12 Oct. 21. A note from a witness was left on the Honda. The note said the Honda was hit by a dark-colored Dodge vehicle that has a CSULB sticker on the back window. The UPD is looking into the incident.

A gray vehicle ran into a CSULB employee’s black four-door BMW and then fled the scene, according to a witness who notified the UPD Oct. 24. The witness said the gray vehicle was attempting to park in Lot E10 when it swiped the BMW, leaving scratches along the driver’s side. The UPD was able to reach the employee soon after the witness reported the incident.

Vehicle Impound

A student reported his red 2009 Mazda 6 missing after it was gone from Lot G7 when he returned from class Oct. 21. The UPD let him know his car had actually been impounded because its registration was expired. The student had to pay an undisclosed amount to the towing company to get his vehicle back. 

Lost Vehicle

A blue 2004 Toyota Camry went missing from the fourth-floor of the Pyramid parking structure Oct. 24. The owner of the vehicle, a female CSULB student, said she had last seen the car at 10:30 a.m., and it was missing when she returned around 2:50 p.m. The UPD is investigating the incident.


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