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Pro-Palestine demonstration calls attention to people’s struggle

In accordance with Palestine Awareness Week, the Muslim Student Association set up an interactive story wall detailing the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The wall was covered with handwritten facts, statistics, quotes and drawings to educate students on the topic of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“This is the fact that I’ve been trying to say but I’m scared to say it out loud because I don’t know what is going to happen to me,” said Farah Hammam, a third-year psychology major. “Being able to put what I’ve seen in my life and what other people have seen on the wall is just great.” 

The conflict between the two countries has been going on for over 50 years. 

“I’m Indian, but I know what oppression feels like because I grew up as a minority for like the first 19 years of my life,” said Maryam Rehman, a third-year psychology major. ”I’m an ally to my Palestinian and my Middle Eastern friends.”

Associated Students Inc. Sen. Jireh Deng stressed the importance of recognizing both sides of an issue, maintaining education on these matters is essential. 

“We forget how lucky we are here in the States because at least we live in relative peace where sometimes we get so soft and easy,” Deng said. “We forget that there are so many conflicts happening and so many people going through some really intense things but we’re just kind of taking it for granted.”


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