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Conoley announces plans for fall 2020

President Jane Close Conoley announced Monday that at least the first part of Long Beach State’s fall 2020 semester will be delivered through online instruction.

“We want to be fully transparent to our new and returning students and their families so they have time to plan and reflect on their next steps knowing that during at least the first part of the fall, instruction will be delivered remotely,” Conoley said

Administrators originally planned to reopen campus by August to resume face-to-face instruction, however the ongoing spread of coronavirus has delayed this process.

According to Conoley, CSULB officials considered using only remote instruction until a vaccine becomes available but ultimately decided against this in hopes that face-to-face will become possible again.

“Like many others, in March we had little doubt that we’d be back to normal by late August,” Conoley said. “Sadly, despite gradual reopenings in our society, we know that will not be the case as the virus is still spreading and ravaging some of our most vulnerable members of our community.”

A total of 355 course sections will be offered on campus, according to Conoley, versus the 9,700 that were offered in the fall of 2019. That means a total of 3,000 to 4,000 students will be on campus come fall 2020.

These course selections will be focused in the sciences and arts, areas which typically require more hands on learning.

Conoley also announced that CSULB has documented a total of 11 cases of COVID-19 among students, all with mild symptoms. Seven staff members tested positive and have fully recovered.

Only 1,000 students will be living in the dorms for the fall semester. Their demographics will mainly be comprised of student athletes.

“By preparing the Beach for primarily remote delivery, we can more easily pivot to the familiar face-to-face, should conditions change, than successfully do the reverse,” Conoley said.


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    Ileana Morales

    How can she say “we can more easily pivot to the familiar face-to-face” mid semester? Does she realize what a nightmare that would be for students that live out of state, out of the country or even more than 1 hour from campus? If there will be a change mid semester, I would hope that the option remains for online classes for those that will not be able or cannot afford to move back to Lonf Beach at the drop of a hat.

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