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Crime Blotter: CSULB sees vandalism, grand theft and petty theft


On March 17 at 9:30 p.m., the plexiglass on a vending machine near Peterson Hall 1 was found broken.

According to campus police, the same type of incident occurred in the same area around the same time about a month ago.

University Police Department Capt. John Brockie said that the break-in appeared to be unsuccessful as no snacks were stolen from the vending machine.

Campus police will continue to investigate the situation, Brockie said.

Grand Theft

On March 12, $1,057 worth of phones were stolen from a package delivered to the UPD.

Brockie received the box with a corner torn and only found papers from Verizon Wireless inside. To Brockie’s surprise, the package was being sent to former UPD Capt. Richard Goodwin.

“It was supposed to have five phones in it that was ordered from the IT department. Why it was being delivered to our former captain, I do not know,” Brockie said.

Petty Theft

On March 19 at 8:30 p.m., a vase and two iPhone chargers were reported missing from a cubicle in Brotman Hall.

The incident occurred two months prior to the date reported.

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