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In-person attendance increases for Spring 2022

CSULB officials expect to see a bigger return to campus next semester as the number of in-person classes increases from 42% to 72%, with all students expected to follow COVID-19 mandates in wake of the new omicron variant entering the United States.

Specific classes switching back to in-person instruction have yet to be confirmed, but CSULB communications specialist and campus spokesperson Lauren Williams said a full list of courses can be viewed online.

“The decision on which courses would be held in-person versus alternate modes of education was based largely on pedagogical need,” she said.

In preparation for their return to campus, students changing their “Not on Campus” status are required to re-submit their COVID-19 Student Vaccine Certification form on SSO before enrolling for in-person instruction.

There was an increase in the number of students in dorm rooms this semester, raising from 2,900 to 3,100 occupants. In regulation with COVID restrictions, students must follow protocols to live safely within the dorms, along with a mask mandate for all shared public spaces. With in-person numbers increasing next semester, parking is expected to become more difficult.

However, with the new omicron variant of COVID-19 officially reaching the United States and California, there is some caution in what the future may look like.

Vice President of Student Affairs Beth Lesen sent an email to all students on Nov. 30 detailing the campus situation concerning the omicron variant. In it, she encouraged students to take the same precautions prior to coming to campus, such as getting fully vaccinated (or the booster shot for those who are already vaccinated), testing as often as possible, quarantine if tested positive and limiting travel plans.

Though research on the omicron variant is ongoing, the United States has classified the new virus as a “variant of concern.”

As of now, COVID-19 restrictions on campus are unlikely to change for the spring semester.

“We have a number of safety measures in place already to ensure the health of our campus community,” Williams said. “We also remain in close contact with the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services which monitors the spread of emerging variants.”

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