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Our View: Students should know of alternative computer labs

Attention students! There are computer labs on campus – and they’re not in the library or Horn Center. The only issue is there is nowhere for students to find where these other computer labs are located and how long they are open for.

This causes a few problems. First, the computer labs are under-utilized because students don’t realize they’re free to use. Second, this causes a lot of traffic in the library and Horn Center, thus creating longer wait times for students looking to secure a computer.

However, Associated Students Inc. is going to try to make it easier for students to find these locations. ASI Senator Brandon White and Associate Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students Jeff Klaus have proposed the idea of having the locations of the computer labs, as well as their hours of operation, posted online on the CSULB website.

The idea is similar to how tutoring information was made available to students. Before, information on tutoring was spread out all over the place. To make it more user-friendly, all tutoring information is now found on one Web page.

Using the same formula, ASI will create a single Web page for all of Cal State Long Beach’s computer labs.

Some students walk by the computer labs thinking they are just another classroom. Even though some courses do use the spaces for classrooms, when class is not in session students can walk in and use them.

These computer labs can oftentimes be more easily accessible for students than the computers at the Horn Center or library. They’re free to use, there is no wait time, and the computers are oftentimes equipped with the programs students need to complete their projects. The Daily 49er editorial board backs the decision to make the computer lab information more accessible. It doesn’t make sense to let these labs go unused.

Hopefully, the computer lab Web page can be up and running before finals week, before crowds are swarming around the computers in the library and Horn Center. We would all like to avoid that chaos come finals.


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    Nice article but there was no mention of where the other computer labs are?! Why wait for the ASI to get it posted online? Why does the article leave out that very important bit of information?

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    Nice article but there was no mention of where the other computer labs are?! Why wait for the ASI to get it up on posted online? Why do the article but leave that very important bit of information out?

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