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Letter to the Editor: Response to President Conoley

I was perplexed and perturbed after reading the article in the Feb. 6th issue in the Daily 49er, written by Lauren Martinez, titled “CSULB Academic Senate Discusses Proposed Budget Cuts” which announced that there are no funds for live music for the Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremonies at CSULB.

These are the questions that come to mind, as a proud parent of a Class of 2018 CSULB student:

1) How in the world were there funds for this newly designed “statue” that sits alongside an emergency pole on campus that is “out of order” and is meant to be used if there is a situation on campus where someone is in danger and needs prompt assistance.

2) Why is the University PAYING people for the musical portion of the commencement ceremonies at CSULB. Correct me if I am wrong, is there not an arts department on campus whereby talented students could actually be given the opportunity and honor to perform for their peers/their families at commencement free of charge, as a part of their education and class expectations? What better way to showcase students talents and show pride of school concurrently?

3) Why is University President not considering these things as she boldly writes “We have to save money on something and we don’t want to raise student fees.” In my opinion, that is the disaster, here, Jane Close Conoley! The disaster is spending money foolishly and frivolously.

To use a common acronym now, SMH,

Diane Stumpp, parent of CSULB student, Class of 2018

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    As a music graduate from CSULB, this is the most insulting statement I have read about my craft. I went to this school and spent the time and the same amount of money to learn and perfect my craft, why is my degree worth less to you? Why should I not be hired compared to your other majors? Why should I go to school just to give out my product for free? Let’s have the Drs give free consultations, and the teachers teach for free for better of the future generation…. Right?!? How about we have writers write books, publish them, and just give them out for free!? Also… Class expectations?!? Excuse me?! Do you even know what is required in music school? Do you even realize that the musicians the school hires ARE the music students!!!! Why!? Because the school Benevento in the product they are producing. They know they produce quality musicians that deserve to be hired and paid for their craft. Its not easy for a musician to be good. I know you just think it’s “natural talent” but I’m sure you’ve never passed by the practice rooms at 1am. I’m sure you haven’t seen the students practicing into all hours of the night. You haven’t seen the zombies sipping their coffee the next morning, you haven’t seen the tears and blood that literally go into learning an instrument well enough to make it look easy. Before you go on asking for free entertainment, think about what you’re really asking for… We are not any less that any other major on campus.

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