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Tips and Tricks for back to school

Ready or not, here we are — the start of a new school year. For freshman and new transfers at Long Beach State, the first week can be a little jarring. You may struggle to find a parking spot, afford textbooks or get lost the first day of classes.

The Daily 49er Editorial Board has come up with some tips to help jumpstart your academic journey.

Keep an open mind

Long Beach State is a large and diverse campus with 32,246 enrolled undergraduates, according to U.S. News, so before you pass judgement, try to keep an open mind. That girl sitting next to you in algebra could your next best friend, future coworker or even your boss someday. You don’t want to miss opportunities like these just because you didn’t want to give someone the time of day.

Don’t procrastinate

It’s easy to start off strong and stay on top of school work the first couple weeks of the semester, but as time drags on, that steady pace inevitably turns into procrastination. Start at a reasonable and realistic pace that works for you and turn it into a habit that will last throughout the semester.

A great way to tackle your course load is to spread out your classes. Although many people prefer getting their general education requirements out of the way as soon as possible, they make for a good mental break from back-to-back major courses down the line. Yes, we know these are the classes that may interest you the most, but even major classes get tiring.

Be sure to visit your academic adviser often. There’s a reason why you either have or will hear this piece of advice from many different people. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck and not knowing what classes to take next. This is where your adviser steps in. Don’t be afraid to approach them with questions about your major, studying abroad or your pathway to graduation. Remember, there are no stupid questions.

Hitting the books

When it comes to textbooks, never, ever, go straight to the bookstore. Most times you will find the same exact textbooks for cheaper, sometimes free, somewhere else. Amazon and Chegg usually have textbooks to rent for half the price of what they are at the bookstore. The library is also another great resource since you can request that they order a particular book for you.

Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Make your mental and physical health a priority. It’s easy to lose yourself in the stress of school work but you can’t give your best if you don’t feel your best. Don’t skip breakfast, take an exercise class at the student recreation center, get enough sleep and make time for your social life too.

If you feel like you need to vent to someone or you’ve caught the latest bug going around campus, the Student Health Services offer students primary care, a pharmacy, women’s health and psychiatric services.

Join a club

Get involved. The next four years of college will go by more quickly than you think; make those four years memorable. Join a club, a sport, and if you’re in need of some extra cash, try and get an on-campus job.

For transfer students and incoming freshman, attending a new school can be intimidating. Getting involved can help relieve that stress and allow for a sense of belonging.

Deals and steals

As college students, we have access to a wide range of resources on and off campus. Amazon offers students a six month free trial of Amazon Prime. After the six months, the membership is only $6.49 a month. Spotify also offers students Spotify Premium with Hulu for just $4.99 a month.

LBSU specific resources include unlimited bus rides across Long Beach with the Tap sticker, campus shuttles with proof of a student ID, a food pantry in the University Student Union that anyone is welcome to and can visit up to three times a week and discounted movie and amusement park tickets.

There’s no way to sugar coat the fact that college is hard and you will be busy, but there are ways to make your experience less excruciating. Sometimes you’ll wonder if it’s worth the struggle. Stick it out and you’ll graduate with experiences and memories you couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

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