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President Trump’s call to Ukraine is impeachment worthy

It is time to impeach Trump. He has repeatedly acted as if he was above the law, and his infamous Times Square comment shows that he views himself as untouchable. But he isn’t. And he shouldn’t be.

He needs to be reminded of this, and the only way is to impeach him.

Soliciting dirt on a political opponent from foreign leaders is undemocratic. This is not negotiable, “quid pro quo” is not a prerequisite for this being a criminal offense.

Impeachment is certainly a risk, but it is one we must take. Our democracy is increasingly shaky and an unencumbered Trump can only make it worse.

Children are being detained in deplorable conditions, the trade war with China is damaging many soybean farmers’ livelihood, and the president fawns over despots and excuses their crimes.

Republicans have described the Ukraine phone call as “one of his better phone calls,” despite the immoral and arguably illegal nature of it. If this is one of his better calls what does one of his worst look like?

We cannot stand by and let the president run the country like some kind of inept, wannabe mafioso


The time is now for the Democrats to take action against Trump.

That being said, there certainly are compelling arguments against impeachment. Not the least of which is past impeachment efforts raising approval ratings.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton lead to some of the highest approval ratings of his career. The Senate failed to convict him, and the whole affair is considered to be a political misstep for Republicans.

There are fears that any attempt to impeach Trump will result in a similar political backlash. 

Even Richard Nixon’s impeachment, which lead to his resignation, was not widely supported by the public.

While this is certainly a concern, support for Trump’s impeachment is far higher than either Clinton or Nixon, and any information divulged during the case will most likely convince more people of the president’s incompetence.

Just look at Nixon, while the public initially resisted his impeachment, the tide turned significantly because of the process. The divulging of Nixon’s paranoia, lies and crimes rallied the public against him.

This will be the case with Trump. One only needs to see his social media spiral further and further out of control to see how nervous he is.

While impeachment certainly has its risks, namely the two-thirds majority required to convict in the Senate, the pressure that it would put on Trump simply for exposing his crimes to the public is reason enough.

Beyond the political utility of impeachment, there is also a moral imperative. If the actions of the president don’t rise to the level of impeachment, what does? How many crimes does a president have to commit before impeachment is rolled out? 

In the case of the Republican Party, apparently only a blowie in your office is a severe enough offense.

With the investigation expanding to include Mike Pence, there is a decent chance that more than Trump will be implicated.

This is the breaking point. Whatever the risks Democrats need to take action and they need to take them now.

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    No, this whole Ukraine call thing is about a whole lotta nothin’, just like the “Russiagate” thing was. People are really getting desperate, and, more than half-way through this term, they can’t seem to get over the fact that this guy Trump actually won the election fair and square. These Congress members pushing for impeachment are not in any way serving the American people, as they were hired to do. Instead, they’re working to further their own elitist agenda, and so they’re basically treasonous.

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