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Violence in ‘Joker’ is exaggerated by the media

Many news outlets wrote warning stories before “Joker” was released that said the film could be a target for violence. Other online critics have marked the movie as a dangerous film.

We currently face bigger problems in our society. Flagging a movie as a possible “mass shooting trigger” creates even more anxiety that we don’t need.

The time we live in is too sensitive towards violence corrupting youth. We constantly try to block any information that can trigger violence among teens and young adults.

As expected by most moviegoers, the movie has been out for a week and no violence has been reported.

Before “Joker” was officially released, many theaters increased security in hopes of preventing something similar to the mass shooting that happened in Colorado in 2012.

The media put this stigma on a film that has been acclaimed by film critics and loved by those who had the chance of seeing it already.

The media decries films that don’t fit its narratives. Maybe we’re getting used to seeing “Iron Man” and “Captain America” save the day, and when a character like the Joker comes around, everyone freaks out.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the moment, that we have to take a step back and realize that this is fiction. If anything, the “Joker”  brings awareness to how the government fails people with mental health issues.

Unfortunately, past tragic events have set a precedent about other possible mass shootings, which makes it difficult to enjoy the film for its quality.

The film has raised uncomfortable questions about violence, mental health, and cycles of abuse. It is these uncomfortable questions that have irked the media.

Maybe the reason why people don’t like this film is because the violence is too realistic. 

This movie has no intention of spreading a negative message of killing police officers or creating riots in the streets.

Violence in cinema has always been a contentious topic, but we cannot discount art just because it isn’t to the public’s taste.

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