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My life with Spiritism

Spiritism is a religion that doesn’t have much influence in North America, which means many people don’t know about it.

To put it shortly, Spiritism “studies the existence and nature of spirits, which are nothing more than the immortal souls of men, created by God,” according to the Spiritist Society of Chicago.

The principles of this religion are based on Jesus Christ’s teachings and principles, blending together “lessons of the Christian New Testament, Platonist philosophy and life sciences.”

The religion’s founder, Allan Kardec, explores the foundation on this belief system even deeper in his book “The Gospel According to Spiritism.”

The religion is popular in South American and European countries, and has accumulated a large following in Brazil, which is where I grew up.

Spiritism is not as traditional, but some of its aspects do take influence from other known religions. One example of this is gathering places used as purification centers, where collective prayer sessions can be held.

However, it is not necessary to attend these places in order to be considered a follower, especially due to the lack of options here in the U.S. Many followers, including myself and my family, practice at home.

This is one of the main factors as to why I like this religion so much. It connects its followers from virtually anywhere, not just in a place of worship.

It also helps you explore yourself, not just as a physical individual, but as a spiritual being. This is done through the belief of reincarnation, the idea that the soul never dies. Instead, it’s believed to be reborn and to continue to live through different human bodies.

In Spiritism, the emphasis on reincarnation allows for the spirit to evolve, and once fully evolved, the spirit may rest in a heavenly place to help other spirits reach their true evolutionary potential.

This has always provided me comfort, especially because I’ve never been the biggest fan of heaven and hell, a common belief in my previous religion, Catholicism.

Reincarnation gives everybody a chance. Just like in life, everybody has the ability to redeem themselves of their wrongdoings. In the realm of Spiritism, it is no different.

Another factor that drew me in was the spirits themselves. Based on your behavior in physical world, you attract spirits, good or bad. Many assume that it’s scary. However, I take it as an opportunity to reflect on my actions.

If you think negatively, it will be harder for you to lift and start your journey due to the bad spirits taking your energy away. If you’re always thinking positively, however, rewards will eventually come from good spirits. This is the case no matter what comes your way.

This idea motivates me to stay in a positive mindset even when I don’t always have the energy to do so.

Spiritism came at a time when my family and I were struggling with both financial and family issues. It was the perfect way for us to take a deeper look at ourselves and rebuild.

Since then, our lives have changed drastically. There have been many ups and downs, but our belief is bigger than ever.

My experience up to this point with this religion has never been bad, and I must credit it for making me a stronger individual in all aspects of my life.

I never felt like my previous religions were truly a part of my life, until Spiritism came and changed that. Spiritism has allowed me to finally feel like I can fully interact with a religion’s beliefs and develop a deeper, more personal connection to it.

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