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California wildflowers are in full bloom at Lake Elsinore.

Be a bud, don’t trample the flowers

With Walker Canyon’s miles of hills carpeted in flaming orange California poppies, it’s no surprise that the ecological reserve has been a beacon for Instagram flower children hungry for a picture perfect post.

Letter to the Editor: Voting is the most crucial part of November

For decades, Long Beach State has set an example for local activism, community engagement, civic purpose and a commitment to voter participation and election involvement. With this crucial, fast-approaching election, keep in mind that your vote is the one that counts! The direction of California’s future is on every ballot[Read More…]

Can you beat the heat?

Students scurried from the parking lots to their classrooms this week, shielding themselves with hats and “sunbrellas” from torrid triple digit weather. As Cal State Long Beach experienced a scorching heat wave on Monday and Tuesday, students took shelter in air conditioned buildings and campus shuttles. A red flag warning[Read More…]

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