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Ballast Point of Long Beach provides views and brews

On weekends, one can find cook Keremy New preparing their new menu of fire-grilled and marinated barbecue chicken with Spanish rice and refried beans on the patio of Ballast Point Brewing.

New enjoys interacting directly with guests and this new weekend position on the patio grill provides an excellent opportunity for getting to know Long Beach locals.

Ballast Point Brewing in Long Beach, voted by Long Beach State students as the “Best Place to Get Classy Lit,” has established itself as a rich and vibrant establishment. Patrons can enjoy various beers and drinks paired with a well-crafted menu of entrees and shareable appetizers.

Ballast Point Brewing in Long Beach offers a wide variety of beer, cider, hard seltzers, hard kombucha and more for customers to enjoy.

Assistant manager Kimberly Nguyen shared the positive experiences she has had while working as part of Ballast Point Brewing’s management team.

“The training process is amazing, they really set you up for success with the environment and the people you meet. They explain the whole process,” she said.

Nguyen explained that after returning from the break of COVID-19, Ballast Point’s mission is to reconnect with the community and interact directly with customers beyond the restaurant.

“We did a beach cleanup at Junipero Beach, and most of our staff went over to the cleanup. A lot of people came voluntarily as well and the Anaheim brewery [too],” said Nguyen.

Many of the bartenders and staff at Ballast Point Brewing were friendly, going as far as to check on patrons relaxing away from tables and dining areas.

It is evident that the relaxing locale creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests and patrons that come from far and across Long Beach, especially without losing quality in service.

As bartender Kevin Dixon puts it, “come pull up to Ballast Point Long Beach for a better atmosphere and better vibes.”

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