Letter from the Editor

On my first day in Long Beach last year, I walked through East Broadway and felt a sense of security and acceptance that I had never felt before. The sidewalks were painted with rainbow flags and “You are welcome here” stickers were plastered on every door and window. In an unfamiliar city, I felt completely at home.

Growing up in a conservative town, I repressed my queerness for 18 years. I refused to accept myself, and I refused to accept love from the people I wanted it from the most. For four years, I kept the only person I’ve ever been in love with at an arm’s length because she was a girl. Coming to Long Beach opened my eyes to how much I had missed and how deserving I was of love.

Since we’re not in school during June, CSULB celebrates LGBTQ+ pride every October. “Outober” here at CSULB, is a time where ASI Beach Pride Events and campus partners host events highlighting LGBTQ+ people. In this special issue of the Daily Forty-Niner, we discuss topics regarding the LGBTQ+ community in Long Beach.

It is our hope that the “Outober” edition of the Daily Forty-Niner showcases the many forms of expression within the community and encourages LGBTQ+ pride on campus and within ourselves, always. At the Daily Forty-Niner, we will continue highlighting LGBTQ+ people as well as other underrepresented communities because their stories matter.

For me and other LGBTQ+ individuals, every month is pride month. Our queerness does not end when corporate America removes the rainbow from their logos; our queerness is a intrinsic aspect of our everyday lives. This issue is as much of a learning tool for allies as it is an ode to the beauty of the community.

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