Big West cancels athletic competition, concerns over coronavirus cited

The Big West Conference Board of Directors announced Thursday that Big West fall sports competition will not be conducted in 2020-21.

The decision impacts men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s indoor volleyball. 

“While today’s decision is one we hoped would not be necessary, we understand the responsibility of the Big West Board of Directors,” athletic director Andy Fee said. “Right now our focus is supporting our fall sport student-athletes and helping them process what lies ahead. In the short term, we are focused on preparing them for final exams. My heart goes out to student-athletes, staff and coaches affected.”

The board will continue to monitor and evaluate the current status of COVID-19 protocols for men’s and women’s basketball. 

A decision on whether spring sports will return to competition is heavily dependent on the results of the remainder of the men’s and women’s basketball season. 

“I think the hope had been things would have gotten better, and so we kept kicking the can down the road,” Fee said. “If basketball can continue in a safe manner, then you’ll probably see the spring sports returning.” 

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