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Emma Fechner continues to strengthen LBSU women’s Rugby Club

Long Beach State has always been known for its sports. When it comes to women’s rugby, multiple women on that team can verify with full confidence: Emma Fechner is the backbone of LBSU’s women’s rugby team.

Originally from Humboldt County, Fechner grew up knowing the importance of staying fit.

She partook in sports such as soccer and track and field up until attending LBSU. It was in her sophomore year she joined the rugby team during the last three weeks of the season, finding not only physical benefits but community and family.

“I feel super grateful and lucky to have found such a great group of strong people. This community is so welcoming and supportive toward me,” Fechner said.

Rugby’s not the only thing she is doing though. To maintain her physique, Fechner works out six days a week, usually weightlifting or running to stay in shape for the team’s upcoming games.

Emma Fechner at CSULB Womens Rugby practice.
Emma Fechner helps to motivate her teammates on the LBSU women's rugby team. Photo credit: Tanya Rogers

When putting in the effort to be the best she can be, Emma has realized that games require a certain level of focus and discipline as well as great communication skills.

“Rugby for me and sports in general has given me a next-level skill of interpersonal communication, learning to communicate effectively with my teammates and because of that I have grown to have a community I can count on,” Fechner said.

Her teammates Shelly Chow and Dani Estana have nothing but kind words to say about Fechner.

“Emma has this positive energy that is just contagious to everyone on the team,” Estana said. “She never has anything bad to say about anyone and is always uplifting instead of breaking someone down.”

As a junior majoring in nutrition, Fechner has some beliefs about life that have led her to major in this subject.

“I believe in human health and I really love the human body and maximizing its capabilities,” Fechner said. “Another big thing is that I want to help people’s relationships with food and give people a better understanding of what food does for us. I just want to help people be the best versions of themselves in the end.”

As a college student, Emma sometimes experiences feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

“When in doubt, ground yourself. Be out in nature, do self-care, exercise, watch TV, or even take a nap, whatever makes you feel relaxed works,” Fechner said. “I have this philosophy that’s like whatever happens will, and you just gotta live life day by day.”

Fechner also has a strong support system, her parents and sister are always just one phone call away.

“They have been very supportive in my career and also in rugby,” Fechner said. “My dad is that parent that’s like ‘you got this, you’re a badass,’ and my mom tells me to ‘be careful,’ but I love them so much.”

Fechner may have joined the team not too long ago, but she has impacted Chow and Estana as funny, kind, reliable and versatile on the field.

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