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Student expelled after issuing numerous email complaints about administrator

[related title=”Related Stories” stories=”42954″ align=”left” background=”on” border=”all” shadow=”on”] Former Student Life and Development coordinator and doctoral student Alisia Thompson was expelled from Cal State Long Beach on Wednesday after sending as many as 2,000 email complaints regarding Vice President of Student Affairs Carmen Taylor to university officials, colleagues of Taylor[Read More…]

Jonathan Wanless

Treasurer-elect strives to bring about change

Free time is nonexistent for newly elected Associated Students, Inc. treasurer Jonathan Wanless. Balancing a schedule consisting of classes, an internship, ASI obligations and club meetings is hard enough – but trying to add in a normal social life is the real struggle. Wanless, a junior communication studies major with[Read More…]

Less hassle, more tassle with the Graduation Initiative 2025

Cal State Long Beach students should expect to see more sections of highly impacted classes, among other changes, thanks to programs and research conducted under the Graduation 2025 Initiative. In January 2015, the California State University system launched the initiative, aiming to increase graduation rates across the 23 campuses. Currently,[Read More…]

Students, you down with O.P.P.?

Associated Students, Inc.’s new Senate Resolution 2017-17 tries to put pressure on the California State University Board of Trustees to “freeze initiatives and the tuition increase for three to five years.” ASI Senator-at-large Daniel Gomez introduced the resolution, dubbed Opposing Payment Peaks, on Wednesday. “A portion of the resolution is[Read More…]

La Raza Student Center to reopen after renovations

Cal State Long Beach’s La Raza student resource center will be having its grand reopening today after delayed renovations. The center has had limited availability to students this semester because of the work being done. The renovations were mostly fresh paint and new carpeting and provided to all of the[Read More…]

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